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Born in 21th Feb 1979 in Ooita, Japan. Ouma is a trained veterinarian, and also studied pathology. Ouma made her first foray into art by drawing pets that had passed away, and sending the paintings along with letters to the families. The families really enjoyed the paintings, which inspired me to find a way to heal without medicine.

She has long been following my quest for “art as alternative treatment” by creating works of “cellular” art, for cells are the smallest life vessels. Her aim is to create an opportunity for viewers to develop their healing abilities by using their senses to experience her art.

The Japanese critic, Mr.Masaomi Unagami, who grew the caligraphy artist "Yuichi Inoue" up to be a

world famous, said Ouma's work is like "multiplying works" and her way of "stenography of expressing

images" is especially interesting. Her first solo show was took place at UNAC TOKYO in 2013. Ouma covered whole gallery with Japanese papers and her try gave them a big surprise. UNAC TOKYO is the gallery where Mr.Unagami is the president and also her works were introduced the art magazine, "June Wind" which has been published by UNAC TOKYO since 1974. The magazine distributed to Japanese art concerned. She joined the AIR program in Barcelona, 2016. Since then, she’s been active in the world

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